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The White Desert

The totally unique and overpowering White Desert was a highlight of our 5 day safari in Egypt’s Western Desert. White desert album

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Under the veil

The situation of women in Egypt is every bit under the thumb as I expected and could get worse – more and more seem to be in full hijab which is very weird.

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False doors of Egypt

False doors of Egypt: an excellent article on contemporary Egypt which gels with our own experiences. Also highly recommended: Devotion and division:,25197,25082492-5013491,00.html

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Feluckin’ feluccas…or romantics beware! The idyllic romantic Nile adventure, as described in Gecko’s travel notes: Sailing down the Nile is a magic experience, lying on thick mattresses, watching the dark waters glide past. We stop off at Komombo to visit … Continue reading

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Express to Alexandria

Journey to Alexandria Feeling smug about avoiding ground transport and taxis, we boarded the Metro for Mubarek and walked into Ramesses Station. King Hotel to platform in 35 mins, carrying light packs and handbags. Train itself took about 2hr 20mins … Continue reading

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Finding the Alfi bey

A quest for the Al-Azbakiyya Cairo book markets was unsuccessful; they were either closed for Sunday or we couldn’t find them. However, the quest led us to a sympathetic coffee shop and gallery with free wifi. This was the Kunst … Continue reading

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Abdul drives his taxi

ARRIVING IN CAIRO Wed 4 Feb The Giza pyramids loomed up on our port side as we landed at Cairo airport joining a mass tourist haj that culminated when we finally reached the Giza site 4 days later. First experience … Continue reading

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This may help you when driving in Egypt: Lane markings: there for decorative purposes only. Horns: your car is equipped with a horn, so use it constantly. Red light: You may stop, but only if you feel like it. Drive … Continue reading

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Arriving in Egypt

We arrive in Egypt on Feb 4 where we will immediately flop in the King Hotel. But will we discover the tomb of Pharoah Hatsepshut???

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